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Amityall-2.jpg“out of frame” was originally created by Kaori Sakagami, a former TV documentary director, along with a couple of other independent filmmakers in 2002 to create documentary films to explore alternatives to the modern criminal justice approach. It has expanded its membership as well as activities since and received non-profit status in 2008.

We named it “out of frame” because we wanted to pay attention to the situations which are easily ignored and hard to capture in the conventional journalism. We would like to introduce new approaches to deal with existing social problems by creative process including documentary films, photography, and performance arts.

Our focus is unlearning violence. How can we shift our thinking and attitude to more non-violent way? How can we transform the world to more peaceful place where people feel compassionate to each other? We would address those issues in our creative works. And that includes collaborative projects with youth and women who have lived with severe violence to seek and create their own ways of expressions, which may help themselves and others who are in a similar situation.

00.jpg“out of frame” is a non-profit creative arts organization which uses video, photography, text, performance, and other types of creative tools and process to work with kids and women who are victims of violence as well as those who have been adjudicated to seek their own well-being. We are currently working with other non-profit groups, such as DARC Women’s House, Survival Net Life, Center for Media, Culture and Collaborative Learning at Tsuda College to magnify our creative efforts.
“out of frame” has four missions as follows:
1. Film-making to explore alternative approaches to violence
2. Providing creative workshops for kids & women who have lived with severe violence
3. Organizing screenings and distributing films
4. Coordinating events in relevant issues

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